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American Casting & Manufacturing designs and manufactures high security and tamper evident metal, plastic and adhesive seals.
AC&M supplies all types of strap and truck seals, cable locks, padlocks, printed, numbered and bar coded bag and car seals, padlock, applicator tools, self voiding tapes and bags, bolt locks, lead and wire seals, pull-up seals and more. Contact us with your requirements.

Since 1910, American Casting has prided itself on supplying innovative, timely products, designed to be cost-effective and efficient pieces of the everyday working world.  We've been supplying tamper-evident and security seals, locks and tags for over 100 years.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified, American Casting & Mfg. provides reliable, professionally produced seals and sealing products such as seal tools, embossing dies and seal marking options from imprinting to bar codes.

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• Air Cargo Containers
• Airline Liquor Kits
• ATMs
• Building/Room Entry
• Chemical Shipments
• Clean Car Seals
• Computer Media Storage
• Courier Totes
• Crash Carts
• Date Seals
• Document Containers
• Drums
• Electric Meters
• Electronics Shipments
• ER / Medical Kits
• Fire Masks
• Gas Meters
• Hazardous Shipments
• Inventory Monitoring
• Lock-Out Seals
• Long Term Seals
• Long-Haul Seals
• Luggage Seals
• Money Bag Seals
• Narcotics Lockers
• Railroad Cars
• Sample Kits
• Security Bags
• Sharps Containers
• Short Term Seals
• Switches
• Tank Car Clean Seal
• Tanks and Vats
• Totes
• Truck Containers
• Vault Carts
• Waste Containers
• Water Meters
• Weapons Lockers
• Weighted Shipments
• Zipper Bags
• And much more...