American Casting & Manufacturing Facilities...
  Complete plastic and metal manufacturing facilities. Manual, semi-automatic and robotic machinery suited for all types of production from prototyping and small orders to high-volume runs.
  Our facilities provide unsurpassed capabilities in design and production alternatives, offering cost savings, selection and fast turnaround times.
  Integrated in-process production methods afford unmatched flexibility in production.
  Huge warehousing facilities allow AC&M to offer immediate shipment from stock on most items!
  Warehousing plans are available providing extended savings.
  Advanced ordering and tracking systems can get your order to you in record time.
  Standing orders are scheduled for optimal delivery times.
  And, if you need a special seal designed, call on the experts at American Casting — we've been in the business since 1910!
  We can help you find the most cost-effective product for your requirements. Contact American Casting & Manufacturing — with any questions or requirements you have and find out about special offers and product developments.